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11 March 2014

Everything you never needed to know about toilets

Loo, lavatory or latrine - whatever you call it, it’s the one place we’ve all got to go to. Considering we spend on average 3 years of our life on the toilet (the same amount of time needed to get a bachelor’s degree, learn the violin or write a novel), we don’t really give this fixture much thought. At Happier Homes we know how important proper sanitation is, and by educating people we can help prevent death and disease worldwide. In some instances, access to a proper toilet can reduce deaths in children transmitted by fecal contamination by more than 30%.

On a global scale, things are steadily improving -  there has been an overall increase in improved sanitation access as you can see from this chart elsewhere on our site. Did you know that in India, for example, more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet? As a response to this issue, Harpic and Save the Children have joined forces to work on the sustainable sanitation programme, working with local communities to educate them about hygiene and sanitation practices. We’ve also gathered a few more facts for you to enjoy - things about the toilet you might never have wanted to know, as well as considering both sides of timeless debates. Sitting or squatting, which is better? Toilet paper: facing in or out? Let us know what you think by liking and sharing below.

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Fact Is...

The human sense of smell influences 75% of our daily emotions, mood and desires