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About Happier Homes

Good health is the key to happiness, and home is the centre of a happy life. Our vision, at Happier Homes, is to promote a world where people have healthier and more fulfilling lives, and happier homes. The aspiration for our programme is to help our customers make a difference while using products from RB; the idea is that everyone can make a big difference to the world we live in through small changes in their daily lives.

Happier Homes have ambitious targets and a betterbusiness strategy in place, aimed at delivering innovative solutions for better lives and happier homes.

Happier Homes know, through our carbon lifecycle analysis, that for most of our products the biggest environmental impact happens during the consumer-use stage. Because of this, we have collected advice and good practices that allow everyone to use our products in a much more sustainable way. This is not only about preserving the environment – we would also like to share information about how our brands have a positive impact on health and well-being.